Why do guys interest diminish when you show yours?

Why is it that guys slow down their efforts and don't act as interested when you show yours?


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  • usually, when a girl shows her interest, she shows it as "i'm interested in a relationship". guys were hoping more for the "i'm interested in sex" sort of thing..

    • ok but some guys want relationships? is it because we do this too soon?

    • well, rules of thumb are: guys should never assume a girl wants sex, and girls should never assume a guy wants a relationship. I think the common theme is to start out with a friendship, then do some 'light' sexual stuff (make out/feel up/maybe oral), then wait a day to make sure things aren't awkward, then discuss a relationship, then fuck like crazy.

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  • I don't know, because they think they have us at their feet? And you know, sometimes they do..


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  • Because that effort is exhausting and is only meant to get your attention. No one can keep up the crap that guys have to do at the beginning for an indefinite period of time.


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