He was so harsh with me, then why he didn't unfriend or block me?

I used to love a guy but he didn't have same feelings for me. We remained good friends though. As my feelings were different so I would always feel sad whenever he gave importance to rest of the girls in our class. Not to mention, I was feeling neglected and ignored by him even om social site. I got possessive in the same way one day and just said to me he hurt me. He said, "Prove it that I hurt you. And if you can't then dont argue any further. You were always wrong and you are still wrong." During arguments he bluntly said these harsh statements to me:
"how low u could go", "keep ur thoughts with u", "there is a limit to everything", "u should think before u write", "block me and end it."... I said to him I won't block him but if he wants to he can.
I have stopped talking to him now and he also didn't talk to me after that. I was too hurt that I have unfollowed him over my Facebook. But there's one strange thing: he has not unfriend or blocked me over Facebook. Why can it be like this? Or will he ever realise he was too harsh with me?


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  • Guys don't care about social media as much as women do.

    • Usually they do. But there are some exceptions, my two ex-boyfriends kept me as a friend on FB. We don't even talk to each other anymore, but I still have them in my friend list. I just don't care.

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  • Ignore him; thinking that won't being you any possitive output :) Life must go on anyway, there will be some other living guys for u...


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  • Block him, get over it.


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