Flirting or just very comfortable?

A co-worker of mine and I are both in relationships and it seems both of us are in a "rut". (our age is 30s-40s)I have never heard him say anything bad about his "other" but Never mentions her and when she calls, he doesn't make a big deal out of it. Occasionally acts like its an annoyance. I do know he spends ALOT of time doing stuff alone (hunting & other sports or interests) He does not go with anyone else on his "adventures". The reason I stated that, is because We have worked together for 1+ year now. We are with each other 8 or more hours a day. In the begining it was strictly buisness. We really didn't make jokes or anything. Within the past 3 months or so, it seems we have broken a barrier with each other. Always teasing the other person, occasional e-mail/ text message. (I "usually" iniate the messages) sometimes he responds and other times he doesn't. (is it because of his other mate finding out? ) Occasionally we will BOTH us the little smiley that "winks" when we send messages. We have nicknames for each other, just silly ones. ( which he started) As far as physical contact, before all of this, a tight space was uncomfortable. He seemed stand-offish. Even the slightest accidental brush by each other was like "oops, sorry, I didn't mean to be physical"( As in not wanting to offend me or make me feel bad I guess).

Now we have funny little ways like giving high 5s, he leans across me, we will stand very close to each other (side by side or real close behind me), good eye contact, he actually asked me to feel his head, because he felt hot and I was not (he was not sick though, just warm when no one else was). Before, this would of been inappropriate. He is VERY verbal about how much he appreciates me and how he couldn't work without me because we have such a great "work relationship". I read his mind a lot as in, getting him things before he asks for them. We just silently understand each other. He has been mistreated by other previous "helpers" working for him. I really respect him a lot as a professional and a person. We work in a large faculity 500+ employees and deal with the public. I have turned down a few job offers because I like where I am at and how much we respect each other professionally. I am just curious to know if he is just comfortable with me or is he flirting, since it appears we are not totally satisfied and our current relationships. If it could be flirting is it playful with no intentions or signs of possible interest? Any guys advice would help. PS I forgot to mention, he is shy & doesn't really talk much personally until he gets to know you. THANKS!


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  • well I'm not sure if it's really flirting or if the shy guy has finally got comfortible in his inviroment .. I understand this because I'm VERY shy and it takes me being around someone for a long time before I'm ok with them on a friend lable. If yall are both unhappy with the way things are at home ask him out for drinks in a less work related inviroment he might open up more but you should be warned you will have to start making the conversations as if yall were at work to make him more confortible and loosen up at first. BUt him being away from work will be a good sign if he's in to you or not.