Would it stop you from dating them?

Would you date someone who is sharing a apartment with the best friend of the opposite sex. Both being working professionals trying to save money but not like in a collage situation where you can't afford your own place.

would It effect your relationship or become jealous if they both worked together each day, went to the gym together, went to a nice restaurant once a week, and shared the same apartment?

would you feel weird about going to their apartment and not want to go hang out at there place because of the roommate?
  • Yea it would really bother me and I wouldn't date them.
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  • No, i would be fine with it.
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The plan is to only be in this living situation for temporary, share an apartment for a year or two to be able to quickly save up for a down payment on their own home and move out.


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  • Yes, dating someone who shares an apartment with a best friend of the opposite sex and basically functions like a boyfriend minus sex with her would stop me from dating them. I'm simply realistic about the fact that platonic relationships between men and women do not exist if there is even the tiniest bit if physical, mental, or emotional attraction. With all of those activities and quality time spent together, how would there not be a mental or emotional attraction? The whole idea would make me uncomfortable. I'd rather not embrace a situation that's most likely to be problematic. I wouldn't give him a chance until he establishes his own independence or finds a different roommate.

    • Would you still loose interest if their living situation was only temporary. They had a apartment before hand for a few years, but their plan is to share for a year or two to quickly save up for a down payment on a their own home?

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    • @Kapakani that's not the actual name on my birth certificate lol but thanks
      Your name sounds like some exotic, adventurous, wild Hawaiian island :)

    • @Esplorare
      Haha noo, didn't think that. More like you're some cool Artifact explorer or all kinds of wild stuff lol.

      And that's funny lol, Hawaiian island :p. It's from a Hawaiian friend tho, always shout Kenkani (names ken) when he sees me an it stuck lol. But it was taken so I put "kapa" no idea why haha.

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  • It might be ok because a lot of people in there early 20s share apartment anyways when in collage. Only thing I see is where you spend so much time together and than spending time with the partner.


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  • I've done that. It doesn't bother me.


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