My ex made a fake facebook account to stalk me?

she's done this before, and i know its her. Should i block her, and show her i know its her? Or let it be?


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  • It depends. Are you interested in exiling this ex from your life? Did she do you wrong?


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  • welcome to the club

    ignore her

    • lol this bitch has been doing this for months. she goes out with me, dumps me, goes out with her ex, gets bored of him, and tries for me again. this has been goin on for almost a year now.. I'm so tired of it..

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    • haha welcome to the affiliate club! lol
      trust me i know... i had this girl bothering me for months until i told her to leave me alone and that she seemed so pathetic crawling back to me
      i also told her to say hello to her new boyfriend for me... poor sucker she cheats on her partners... smh

    • I've told her to leave me alone man. And just when i thought i had got her away from me, 3 months later she's back for more. Even after she HERSELF told me she didn't want me anymore. This bitch has begged so many times i lost count. But the problem is, i love her. she's cheated on me, and on her current boyfriend with me.

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  • Just block her if you know it is her.


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