My friend is a home wrecker. Agree or disagree?

long because she will lay on her back for him anytime he wants however she is also not the smartest back on the truth he has a lot of 5 girls besides his girlfriend in my best friend just because one of them my best friend Jessica told me that she has been seeing him secretly for 3 months now I told her that she was wrong it doesn't matter if you use of his girlfriend for sex it is still his girlfriend however she said he started flirting with her first and she will respect his relationship just as much as he respect it she said she will care about his relationship as much as he cares about it. is my friend right I felt like she did have a point when she told me that she will only care about your relationship as much as you care about it I feel like you get what you give if you give people the impression but you are a cheater and do not care about your girlfriend they will act on that


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  • i agree...


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