Simple question, À girl takes time to reply, should I ask why? or just ignore her?

Question says it all...à girl that I like, she knows that already, takes time to reply... but not always.
It says that she has read the message after few minutes but now it's been over 2 days that she haven't repliés 😕

2). Also next time she repliés, how shoud I react? Should I also treat the same way? Like taking time to reply or what shall I do?
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  • Ignore her and move on
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  • Anything else? Please comment.
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  • Being petty and trying to treat her like she does you is going to get you nowhere. You gave very little information to go off on. But doing that can kill the relationship (I'm not implying you two are dating) even more. She already barely replies, if at all, doing that is only gonna cause her to completely forget about texting you. You probably said something she found difficult to reply to or the conversation was boring and she got tired of entertaining it. Something could have also came up and she just completely forgot to text you back. Does she like you back? Because it honestly sounds like she has little to no interest in you which can cause this to happen. Always remember, if someone likes you or is interested in you, no matter what, they will make time for you. Whether it's just a quick "Hi" or "How are you?", and if they're busy or at work they'll let you know by saying "I'll text you later... When I get home, etc" or something along those lines. And if they don't they will get back to you in a timely fashion. Not no damn 2 days. If I were you, I honestly would just drop her, get over it and stop stressing yourself out about it. Find someone else to talk to that won't treat you that way.


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  • Ignore. She texts you. Ignore

  • just ignore her.


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