Shy girl stopped texting me?

Ok, so here's what happened. Just recently I gave this kinda shy girl my number. We both go to the same school and I asked her out to a dance a while back, however she was so shy (me too by the way, lol) nothing really happened. But now she texted me and said hi, so from then on we started texting a lot. We have a bunch of mutual interests, etc. And I had the feeling that we both had fun texting, liked each other and all. However, the day before yesterday she just randomly stopped texting me (we usually texted at least 10mins a day). I tried asking her how her days was and she just gave me a delayed "good" (not asking me anything). That's the last we texted and I really don't know what's up with her... (Or possibly me?) Does she still like me or did she just abruptly lose interest, or are we just friends now? I'm really not the most confident guy and I don't wanna keep texting her and look needy/clingy. I'm somewhat confused, help/suggestions & comments greatly appreciated! P. S we never went on a date or anything and I'm not really experienced in the "girl's field".


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  • I think you should ask her out on a date just to know whether or not you guys are "just friends" or she wants more. Just ask her to hang out a few times and figure it out. Don't rush anything yet until you know the real her. Hope this help good luck!

    • Ok, thanks, I'll probably do that when school starts again. wish me luck :)

  • she lost interest.

    • Are you sure? cuz she did seem interested like 3days ago... :(

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