Trying to get my ex back. Help?

I broke up with my ex girlfriend a ways back and recently we've spent a lot of time together. We've actually talked about getting back together but she told me she is still having trouble wanting to date me again since I had broken up with her. But the main issues is she thinks that the only reason I'm coming back is she had gone on a date with a guy. How do I convince her that I'm not trying to get her back because she's showing interest in other guys? If she really wants to date other guys, I'm actually ok. But I do want to date her again.


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  • Take her on a date, buy her flowers, tell her how pretty she is make her feel loved make her feel like she is the only one you want

    • I've done that. And she likes it. I feel like I destroyed her trust and now I'm just trying to get her back because of this other guy. What do I do about convincing her I'm not doing it because of the other guy?

    • Ok then tell her how it is tell her what you really feel explain your feelings

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