What's does your imaginary dream girl/guy/gender neutral love muffin like?

Okay so I'm doing a bit of a rough draft study on what most people imagine their dream parter to be like, blonde, red head, likes rock climbing, loves to bake, is a professional larper even nationality really anything you mentally attach to that image you have in your mind of your perfect person, so go ahead tell the world what you like personality freckles and all!

Thanks for the quick read and hopfully some fun answers and don't be afraid to get freaky with it it's what the internet is for... Well that and cat videos... lots and lots of cat videos.
  • Would you rather never be able to cuddle with any partner you currently have/will have ever have again
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  • Or not be physically able to watch watch Netflix every again!
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  • In my dreams she has taken on a number of physical appearances. Race, ethnicity and nationality don't really matter to me. Body shape and size does vary in the dream. Although she is usually soft rather than toned. She usually wears glasses. In the dreams she is usually creative, easy-going, kind, nerdy, supportive, thoughtful and adventurous. She is very affectionate. Many hugs and kisses.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Those choices were difficult, you evil evil woman!
    I want:
    - A tall, blonde guy with blue eyes (or green) because it's a contrast to my dark features and short stature.
    -Someone who is a bit outgoing but doesn't mind staying in sometimes. Loves food and exercise because I do too 😊.
    - Someone who can be devious, a bonnie to my clyde.
    - Is mentally strong because I can be a lot to handle sometimes 😛
    - Not boring, not a cheater, not a liar. Is loyal, faithful and trustworthy
    - Someone who can be rough and a freak in y'know 😉


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  • I don't have Netflix lol so I chose that.

    As for my dream girl well there are 2.
    The first is a Caucasian blonde 1.75 m tall (5 ft 9 in) with a weight of 70 kg (154 lbs), long hair DD breasts, blue eyes, pretty face.
    The second is a Caucasian brunette 1.75 m tall (5 ft 9 in) with a weight of 70 kg (154 lbs), long hair DD breasts, green or hazel eyes and a pretty face.
    Both must have great personalities and be fun to be around.


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