Should I text him, wait for him to text me, or give up?

Yesterday I went on a date with a guy I had a crush on from 5 years ago. He made it clear that he always "had a thing" for me. The whole date went well and I didn't notice any red flags. His actions clearly showed that he's into me. After the date I text him a few hours later saying, "night. I had fun :)." He responded saying, "Good night! I had fun too!" My problem is that we haven't texted eachother all day. I was waiting for him to text me but I don't know if he's just busy or waiting for me to text him. He did mention he had a 24 hour shift. It's weird because he's text me while he was at work before. Should I just give up, Give it time, or Text him?


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  • Wait until tomorrow, and if he hasn't texted, text him. If he doesn't answer, give up lol

    • Hahah thanks a lot baby ❤️
      Good luck tomorrow 😁 lets hope for the best

    • thank you! I like that your answer was short and simple but it said a lot. I'll see what happends.

    • Nah, I was the only girl, that's why you gave me the mho XD jk
      I try to keep it simple, life is too short for drama
      Great, wish you the best 😁

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  • Was the date yesterday? If he said he had a 24 hour shift then don't freak out. Maybe he can't always use his phone at work or it's dead and he can't charge it cause he's at work. Who knows but if the date was yesterday I think you should give him more time.

    • yes the date was yesterday.

  • LOL not knowing who to text first. Thought I was the only one with this issue. Usually, I'll give a limit of 24 hours to be the first to text if they haven't already.


  • send him a text, but if this is ever a repeat... lose him (sorry to say)

  • Text him and ask him when is his break? So then you have a exact time you can talk to him.


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