22 year old NEVER dated :( Will he/she ever find love?

So there's this guy (or girl😉) I know who is 22 and has NEVER dated anyone! The person is starting to loose hope, beginning to believe that they will never find true love and if they do find it, they don't know if it will last...
(he/she isn't sure if they believe in true love...)
what would you say to this person to give them hope? Also, this person suffers from a low self esteem even though I constantly reminded he/she they are perfect!
(I personally believe he/she compares themselves to the standards of beauty found in magazines and in TV)


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  • I had my first girlfriend when I was 23, and it was most certainly love from my side (although she ended up cheating on me, but that's beyond the scope of this question).

    Just don't make love and dating a priority. That's the only advice I can give. Love has a way of finding you when you least expect it.


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  • she should know there are plenty of people , even on here that are her age or older in the exact situation, thinking the same things. and ultimately it's not true. she will be just fine and will find her true love hen she starts trying, it's ok to be picky. I'm 25 and i n the same situation

  • I personally think this person would be an amazing other half and be sooo overly considerate that they like me would get comments like why are you with me im just another failure.

  • Tell them to start talking to more girls, love isn't going to fall in his lap.


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