Wanna start, never done, how to date?

i have never dated and would like to start, what to do? I don't know how to begine , things i shouldknow, details , nothinng , any advice? im 25


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  • Figure out why? What's the end game, girlfriend, sex, wife? Imagine what it would be like. Take your time here, ponder on it. Be realistic. Go out there and make it happen. Don't worry about rejection, just take it as a learning process.

    • thanks, is there anything i should do on a date, I'm kind of socially ockward and dont know a lot of social etiquette , and (date girlfriend marriage sex, in that order)

    • Dates are really to find out if she's right for you. It's also to see if the two of you have chemistry. Ask the right questions to see if this girl is someone that meets your criteria. Have fun with her. Maybe have a joke or two if things get quiet. The main thing is always be relaxed and trust that you can handle any unknown situation that comes your way.

  • Ask a girl out, take her to coffee and then talk to her on phone, that should clear many doubts on your mind.


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