First date gift okay?

I've been friends with this girl for a year now. I just asked her out and we are going on our first date next week. She works in the horticulture (plants) industry and grows all kinds of plants at her apartment. I thought about getting her a little plant (instead of flowers or other typical first date gifts) to give to her on our first date, Her best friend (my friend too) works at a nursery and I was thinking about asking her what plants my date likes.

does a plant sound like a good gift for a first date? Nothing too big, but meaningful?


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  • D'awwww!!! that's cute! Go for something low maintenance like an African Violet or a flowering cactus so it's not an imposition.


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    Gifts are super beta.

    You've been friendzoned for a year now and you wanna beta faggot it up now that you've got your foot in the door?


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  • don't listen to him. the gift is thoughtful and non-imposing. it also presents another hallway full of doors you can take to intensify the relationship (botany metaphors dude, botany metaphors)

    • but don't fucking ask her friend. that's retarded.

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