Asked crush on a date but her response is making me over-think myself to death. Help please?

Hey, gang! So i'm not the most expierienced with dating so I'd LOVE to hear what you guys think. Anyway, I have my coworker crush of whom I'm really into and I think she reciprocates feelings (i'm 24, her 23 - same office branch). We've gone on one "date". I use quotes because although I never used the word, it was cute and kind of intimate.

It's been a couple of weeks since then and today I went to ask her on another date. All I said was "hey, are you busy this weekend?" and she immediately picked up on it (which is cool because she is generally really shy). But she said she didn't think so since she has been trying to plan somehting with her friends. She seemed pretty happy though (good sign?) and said "I'll let you!" (I didn't even get to say what I had planned...)

So... I'm guessing the ball is in her court now. If she makes time for me, then that does mean she is interested in me, right? But what if she doesn't make time or worse, doesn't ever let me know? I'm probably over-reacting but I seriously dig this girl and end up overthinking everything (mainly if she actually has feelings for me). Thanks, everyone.


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  • Aww that sounds adorable! :) You guys are off to a good start. And don't worry about it, wait a week for her because she's got her own life and things going on, but it already seems she is really happy to spend time with you. Just take it slow and focus on your own work for now, wait for her reply! :) Good luck!!!


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  • Your anxiety sounds like it comes from a place of knowing. She's not interested in you. Maybe ask her out on a real date next time. Gotta show these girls that you're not afraid to go for what you want.


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  • She likes you, but she has plans with her friends. Next time, if she time, she will go out with you.


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