Is it too soon to let my boyfriend keep his 40in TV at my house?

I go to school and have a lot of medical homework and when my boyfriend comes over and stays days at a time he likes to bring his XBOX One and shoot up bitches in GTA V - that's fine. But, I live at home (just us 4 ladies) and sometimes he feels like he's in the way when he's on the couch for hours trolling douchebags. He suggested setting up his huge flat screen in my room but I ended up saying I didn't feel like it'd be a good idea because I wouldn't want him to think he has dibs on my bedroom like that especially if I say he can't come over. We've only been steady since early May and he would definitely hound me if I said he can't come over with his TV there. Anyway, should I just let him hook it up or do you think I made the right decision?


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  • Do not let him hook up his TV or anything else in your house. Where does he live the homeless shelter?


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