You met a girl/boy in a bar but in the end didn't ask her phone number. You'll look for her/him on facebook or go to that bar to find her?

  • I'll try to find her on facebook
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  • I'll try to go to the bar quite often until I meet her again
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  • As a guy if I didn't close no/email/date/back to my place I would try to let it go unless we run into each other. Looking for FB would make any guy seem like a needy person, yea might find her and do some interaction, but would be hard unless the girl genuinely likes me. This is from personal experience.


Most Helpful Girl

  • That's sort of how i met my husband...
    We first met at the library and I wanted to see him again so I went every day for about 4 hours to see if I'd be able to bump into him again.

    • oh how cute! why you didn't just add him on facebook?

    • It didn't seem appropriate... But later he told me that he also made frequent trips to that library hoping to get a glimpse of me again.
      We were able to talk again properly after 3 weeks and it was worth it.

    • and after how many days you met him again? :)

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  • Bummer.. I'll just move on tbh

    • that easily?

    • If it was a bar or a nightclub then yes that easily. If I really liked her, I would make sure to have asked for her info

  • I'll hire a PI. lol


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