How long should you date before a guy brings you as a plus one?

I've been dating my boyfriend for two months (we've been exclusive and official for a month) and he has a pitch in type party with his coworkers this weekend, so I was wondering at what point a boyfriend usually brings his girlfriend? I don't know for sure if anyone else is bringing their significant others or if it's just co-workers. I'm not worried since we've not been together very long; I'm more so just wondering for future reference.
he's friends with all his coworkers on Facebook and has lots of pictures of he and I on there and we're official on there (just saying, they know about me and he's told me they've asked about me)


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  • About a year.


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  • It just depends on the couple and the event. There's really no set rule. But I would start getting worried if you hadn't met friends and possibly family by 6 months.


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