I know it hurts, now what the hell can I do?

So last year, the day before Valentines Day actually, my girlfriend of 5 years and I broke up. Because I was in my last semester in school and she just finished and thought we were growing apart. I miss her soo incredibly much and the other night she called to tell me she missed me and stuff, well then yesterday she called to tell me she's in a new relationship with a guy... thanks. Anyway, I don't know what to do, it's been a year and I can't get over her. I haven't dated anyone else yet, but that's mostly because I just can't meet anyone (who isn't taken) that I think is better than her. I know I sound really pathetic, but that's why I'm writing I need help! It's killing me everyday. Advice? Ladies? Guys?


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  • hey, ya...I kinda feel the same way about a guy I dated and it does suck. you need to get your mind off of her...by finding a new hobby or by getting rid of things that would remind you of her. eg. if you have a picture of you and her...get rid of it or put it somewhere where you won't have to look at it everyday! if you have been keeping touch with her STOP or it will make you LIKE her more. if you choose not to talk to her anymore give her this EXACT explination and be HONEST just like on hear...explain THAT is why you can't talk to her. msg if you need any more advice...

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    • Thanx Peach, I've been trying to, but I guess I just need to be more strict on myself. It sucks, I don't even remember how to pick up a girl...

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  • I understand, sadly. Horrible feeling, but what works for me is serious involvement in everything. Cease every opportunity to not be alone. When you are alone with nothing to do, thoughts and memories sneak up on you. It's not easy to cut off all mediums of communication with her immediately so take it slow. Slowly ease your way out of her life. Her number needs to leave your phone. You probably have it memorized but when she's not just a few clicks away, it is easier to not call her so much. Plus, in the time it takes you to dial her number, you have an extra couple seconds to think about what you are doing. Do not worry too much about getting right back in and dating. Any relationship you go into should not have any baggage from the prior relationship. Take care of yourself first. When the time is right, you will run head first into the right girl. You are not pathetic, just recovering. :D. I hope the smile lights up your day.


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