Will I be able to see past this feature of this guy if I really truly like him?

I've met a guy online (so I haven't met him yet but he's only local so we will soon) and basically we really like eachother. I'm really attracted to his personality, I love talking to him, he is a great, great guy. He's really into me too! He's sweet, kind, ambitious... All things I go for in a guy. BUT his pictures are like a year old and he's much bigger now than then, I don't mind that, I'd still like him because it's him but... he's grew a moustache and it's not a nice moustache, it's really distracting. I don't know if I can fancy him with it :/ but I really want to because I genuinely really like him! What do I do? I fancy all other parts of him but it's just the tache...
If I really like him will I just see past it?


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  • You should tell him, it is just facial hair. some people look good with it and some look good without. simple as that.


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  • If you really like him it won't really matter. Besides, he wants, he can always shave it off.


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  • If he gets upset and it hurts his feelings for you to tell him to shave that shit off you probably shouldn't get with him anyway. Sometimes girls put in these requests and you say no initially coz of the principle, but it doesn't hurt your feelings and after stalling you do what she wants if it's something minor like having a shave. That's my take on it anyway.

    • I'd never tell him to, It's his choice

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