Not making a move, should I move on?

I confessed to my crush of nearly two years that I like him. He used to look at me every day and stare me in the eyes. When I told him he got rid of his ex and deleted her off social media and delete her pic. Flash forward a couple of mouths he still is silent but now he starts dating random girls and mocking me and ignoring me. He took a pic of him kissing a girls cheek on ig saying wcw, than I write him saying does he like all this other girl because also he adds tons of girls on fb but not me. When I told him that he deleted the picture of him kissing the girls cheek. He also keeps liking interacial couple pictures on ig by the way we are interacial people. I feel like these are mind games and he is really hurting me. Does this guy hate me? Or what's up I don't know what to think besides that. I have deep feelings for him so this is hard for me. I feel if he is not movin on me I should just forget him. I'm just puzzled at all of this behavior. I never did anything to him. Does he hate me so much he wants my feelings hurt and play mind games with me. He also copied the way I pose in pictures like wtf. He talks and chats up a bunch of girls on ig while acting like I don't exist. I'm hurt and trying to get over him but I never like someone so much.


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  • What is there to think about this? a true man will never behave like this, will never want your feelings hurt? you said that "he is dating random girls", right? so what more proof do you want to decide that he is not right for you?

    He is never going to make a move, he doesn't even care. I know it's hard for you but sadly your feelings are one-sided and will be one sided so please don't hurt yourself, try to forget about him as soon as you can.


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  • He's obviously playing mind games in order to feed his ego. If he did like you he wouldn't act like this- he would have asked you out by now. He obviously cares less about you than you care about him. If he cares about you at all which I seriously doubt.
    Do yourself a favor and remove him from your life- whatever social media you have and block him, delete his phone number (if you have it) and don't talk to him at all.
    If he tries to reach out to you be polite but not too eager and ignore him if he tries to reach out to you via message, text, email, call etc. Only speak to him in person if he speaks to you first and keep it short.


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  • you should move on.


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