Can introducing a new guy to your friends too early scare the guy away?

CAn brigning a guy to meet your friends after 3-4 dates scare a guy away? If so is there a chance he will come back if you back off?


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  • It depends on how social the guy is. He may or may not be comfortable with this idea.

    • He has pulled back since. Everything was great until I asked him to come out to a casual event with my friends and since then bam no text. I sent him a text and he replied and all but im worried its been a week since we went out last :(

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    • Thanks for MHO! Hope your issue is sorted out now! :)

    • thanks for your help. Unfortunately it didint work out. Oh well...

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  • If you scare him away let him run and find a guy with enough cajones to be worth your while.

  • Friends fine family might scare him


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