Why are girls so picky when it comes to dating websites?

I personaly find it odd how picky they are.


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  • Because there are many more guys than girls on those sites, so if you're a pretty girl you're being inundated with messages and date requests from men. It tends to make you pickier because you're making direct comparisons between people. Plus it's even easier to fall into that because people are reduced to their pictures and whatever facts and info they choose to share about themselves.

    In contrast to meeting someone in a bar or somewhere else individually, where the guy is not in direct competition with so many other guys.

    For instance, online you might see that a guy's a smoker and eliminate him outright, whereas maybe if you met him in person, got to know him and liked him, it could've been something you'd overlook.

    • Interesting. Thank you for that.

    • No problem.

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  • Stranges. It would be a danger zone. You do not know if they are killers or criminals out there.

  • Online dating is for losers who can't get any.

    • Well that's rude. For me personally i just don't have the time to go out and meet people.

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    • Maybe, but they might be gaining other things in their life which is beneficial to them. Even more so than getting a girlfriend, like getting a great education and then a well paying job. A lot of guys just don't have the time. Plus things like looks are a huge factor. A girl can be unattractive but still be approached by a guy every now and then. If a guy is unattractive to girls, it's not going to be easy for him. And girls are pickier than guys so that's another factor.

    • Answers like this explain at least a few rapists and stalkers...

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  • It's just that the male-female ratio on dating sites is pretty skewed (lot more males than females). So girls can afford to be picky.

    • Yeah that's true. But one thing i noticed which is somewhat annoying is how people say "don't just say hi how are you" or something similar to that. What is the point of conversation if you just spill out everything about you in the first message?

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    • Cam girl scams! You bet! :P

    • So annoying lol.

  • The ratio of men to women on those dating sites is quite lopsided. Men tend to get into their computers more often, after all. Still, it beats the lame poser bar scene.

    • Yeah i don't drink so that option doesn't really exist for me lol.

  • Because they have a bunch of guys messaging them on the Internet. A lot of guys are too shy to approach in real life so girls aren't as picky but on the Internet, not only they have a lot of guys messaging them but also they don't know what your personality is like so they will just stick to the guys who they find the most attractive. Dating sites must be overwhelming for girls. I use tinder and I barely get matches but recently, I've been getting to know and talking to this incredibly gorgeous girl who is way out of my league so there are exceptions. I'm just shocked and thinking why the hell is she even interested in me.

    • Yeah i get where you are coming from. I also use tinder and get at least 1-2 a day which is nice but most just don't reply lol.

      But other than that. That's pretty awesome dude lock her down! lol

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