Should I put him in my spambox if he doesn't text me after a few hours?

This question has to do with the other question i asked about when i should text the guy. I waited 24 hours and finnally text him saying "hello." Its been 45 mins and still no reply. Im thinking of giving up and registering his number as spam. What do you think?


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  • 45 minutes? Seriously?
    Let me tell you this from a guys perspective.

    * Guys are often not so much into texting. Personally I rather see a girl or alk over the phone.
    * Us guys get very conflicting info about girls. On one side we hear to immediately react because we like the girl. But on the other side we hear to play it cool because she might think we are desperate. So what should we do?
    * I have had messages from girls before saying nothing but "hello". Maybe its just me but it never makes me wanna write back. Write something a guy can actually do something with (unless you already have)

    There a ton of more reasons what could be happening but none of them are worth registering someone's number as spam. It would a totally useless waste of energy.
    Wait for him to react and in the meantime just live your life.

    • I suck at this and i just dont want to come off as desperate even though im overthinking everything. He text me back wednessday @ 2 in the morning saying he had fun but then i went 24 not texting him till today @ 11:14.

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    • I did say that after the date. I said night o had fun and he said good night i had fun too. Then i didn't text him. He never implied that he wanted to go on another date but yet he kept saying he was having fun with me.

    • Just say (not hints) what you want. MAybe he'll say yes, maybe he'll say no, maybe he won't respond. Whatever it is you will know a lot more than you think you know now.

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  • Does he know who you are?

    • Yes i went on a date with him Tuesday night. Text him a few hours after to say i had fun and he text me back that he had fun too. Then i did text him all day wednessday because i didn't want to seem desperate. So i text him at 11:14 pm today.

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    • Yeah he works in the medical field. He does 24 hr shifts. That could be the reason. Ugh i suck at this :(

    • It's okay just learn from your mistakes. It can't hurt to add *this is so and so* if you haven't texted before too.

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  • if you want him to text you why register his number as spam so you won't know if she does text you? just seems counter productive?

    • Im only registerong him as spam when i know for sure nothing is gonna happen.

  • "Its been 45 mins and still no reply."

    • LOL! I look exactly like that right now! Bangs and pigtails! :(

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