Is this normal for a relationship?

I know relationships can have ups and downs, but this seems worse. I lost feelings for my girlfriend a month ago, and broke up with her. Four weeks later I was having some regrets so I asked her if we could give it another try. We got back together both knowing that if it doesn't work this time we will breakup and remain friends. We got back together two days ago now, and the weird thing is that yesterday I got feelings for her again. I still don't exactly know if I still love her, but I enjoy being with her and talking to her. I also have no urge to kiss her or touch her at all. We've been dating for 2 years so is this a problem or is it normal? She has never exactly been my type, and we are doing completely different things after highschool so there isn't a big chance that we will stay together. These are both causing conflicting emotions within me so I don't know if this relationship is really right for me. So is loss of attraction for a month, and getting it back normal? And should I continue the relationship with constant internal conflicts?


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  • I don't think this is a healthy romantic relation I mean yeah maybe you have feelings for her but it isn't enough and of course comes this age thing it's confusing enough with out you making it more complicated so I'd say just talk to her about your feelings and don't make a descion before you talk with her and try to reach a point together which makes sense for you both and no one suffer from it


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