Girls, Do I still need to buy my girlfriend a birthday present if?

I'm taking her out to eat at the cheesecake factory and to the baltimore aquarium on her birthday. Does that count as a birthday present or do I need to buy her a physical object for it to count as a birthday present? I don't have a job currently so I dont have endless funds.
  • you should buy her something else but you don't have to
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  • you need to buy her something else
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  • What your doing is good enough you don't need to buy her a physical present.
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  • I'd say C.
    It would be nice if she had something physical to hold on to, but if you think about it the tickets and the photos you take will be a much better present than something silly like a costume necklace or something like that.
    It's a great gift you're giving her.
    She's lucky. =)


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