My boyfriend never talks to me?

we've been together for about 3 months now and I really like him but he's not putting effort into speaking to me or trying to make plans with me. the last time i saw him in person was two days ago and that was because i asked to see him for 2 weeks before any plans were actually made. i dont want to be annoying about wanting to see him its just, he's my boyfriend, why wouldn't he be motivated to see me or make plans? on top of that he never texts me or messages me on any social media (mainly skype) and when i make attemtps to contact him my messages go unanswered. i asked him about it and he said that its bc he has his notification sound turned off. and i could understand that but i know for a fact he skypes with his friends, he can't take a second to reply to me? what should i do?


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  • Did you try arranging something or are you basically just complaining to him until he does something?

    • i try not to complain to him a lot but he literally won't respond to me unless i say 'its important'

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  • It sounds like all the signs to leave are there, but you don't want to for whatever reason. Know this though, whatever is going on is not a relationship - at least not a real one. Your efforts should absolutely be matched, and they're not. You have to stop overlooking the signs that this guy isn't in it the way you are, and leave him. Be patient, and wait for the guy who will treat you how you deserve to come along. Don't waste anymore time in that one sided "relationship" and cut him off. Let him be single if he wants to act like he is.

    • i dont know i've crushed on him for a long time and it was all good in the beginning and now it feels really empty? im a bit afraid to leave though because he's in a larger friend group i'm in and i don't really want to ruin things? i got into a bad situation with this i did not do good. and i really want to make things work I don't know

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    • okay, thank you for your advice i really appreciate it! i really do deserve better

    • You definitely do. I know that typically we go through along of frogs before the prince, but I really do think your choices get better as you go. Your next guy may or may not be perfect, but he will be better than this :)

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  • He isn't being fair to you i see your putting more into the relationship than he is well you need to talk to him and tell him that your feelings are getting hurt


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