I just started dating this guy, but I'm wondering about someone else?

Me & this guy have been together for almost 2 weeks so this is pretty fresh.

but, there was a guy I was talking to before him that has been on my mind since the other day, like we didn't have an actual ending to us talking, there was no closure.

I really like the guy I'm with, there's nothing wrong with him at all, I've never thought about another guy while with someone, so i feel really bad that he's even on my mind.

it's just, I want to know how the other guy feels... I know this sounds bad, I really want to ask him. (I have NOT talked to him).

I'm conflicted, I really don't know what to do.

Should i ask the guy I use to talk to how he feels, Or just let the thoughts fade?


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  • That was quick. You're not going to just get over the new guy so might as well explore

  • you should ask him


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