My girlfriend told me that she wants our relationship on hold. Is there a chance that she might come back to me after it?

Well I just learned a lot today from my girlfriend. Like she seemed different today when I saw her at school and also last night before she went to bed. So last night we were talking about what would happen Saturday if we hang out. She was also nagging because of how my shirts have wrinkles in it. But usually when she goes to bed she says goodnight and I love you but she didn't last night. Then when I saw her today at school before I went to work we were talking a bit but she seemed off from what she normally was. But she also didn't want me to go to work and hang out at school. So then I was talking to later on while I waiting for a kid to be picked up and she kept asking me what she would do if we broke up and I answered her. Once I got home I knew something was up because she was sighing in her text and then she told me she wants to put the relationship on hold. She wants to find herself and her health get better due to her having a disease. I also learned that she has given me multiple chances and it is like I don't know what I did wrong. We had a couple of fights but it was a miscommunication. So yeah worst part is it is our 5monthaversary. So yeah do you think she might go back with me or just break up with me? She is my frist girlfriend and I am her first boyfriend.


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  • Putting a relationship on hold is her not having the guts to end it yet... but it'll come..

    I'd say you ask her if she really cares about the relationship, and that you can't be "on hold" for her as it's hurting you and you need to know if there is some kind of future or not.

    • All she told me is that she wants to be alone and not really talk. I did ask her if she still loves me and she doesn't know anymore. Other than that what should I do if I see her at school still since we go to the same college?

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