1 year anniversary ideas?

I'm the worse person when it comes to romance. I consider myself romantically challenged... lol
Thr point is our one year anniversary is coming up and I don't know what to do. I wouldn't have remembered if he didn't mention it... lol
im 26, and he's 28 years old. We're pretty serious, and moved in together last week. Any ideas? I do want to get him a really nice gift, but I also want to make like a DIY gift... any ideas?
he likes football, hockey, baseball, surfing, poker, smoke weed


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  • No weed to him from ME, that's for damn sure... too many marriages on the rocks can be seen from my perch.
    Too bad that's still part of the broke years, else a surfing/beach report vacation would really hit a home run + if all-inclusive = ooohlala!
    Back at home counting pennies, there's still something special about a weekend hotel suite, buffet dinner, champagne, even if all they have is a high enough view, pool, hot tub, sex movies in room.

    • We do that a lot already... lol

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    • Lol!! We just work really hard, and don't mismanage our finances. Actually Costa Rica has some great waves, theirs a lot of surfing completions out there

    • .. and Puerto Rico has also been discovered... Soooooo what DID you DO?

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