What do I talk about?

So, I have feeling or this guy and he has feelings for me too, but whenever we talk on the phone sometimes we have lots to talk sbout and majorty of the time it's just silence. I dont know what to talk to him about. I really like him and I want this to go somewhere but I don't want him to find me boring. How would I allor him, how would I seem more intresting and talkative. I'm a shy and quite person naturally.
How to not be boring basically
What do you guys like to talk about?


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  • I know how you feel, I have had social anxiety and had a specific fear of silence in conversations. What I've learnt is that the best conversations come from nothing. If you plan certain topics to talk about, the conversation is going to go stale quickly (because in my mind they tend to be overused topics like what sport does he like, what does he study).

    Try talking about slightly obscure things that you have observed during your day. A question usially has one or two answers, but a statement opens up the other persons imagination or past experiences. Maybe the mailman posted your neighbours mail in your letterbox again, or some idiot tripped over crossing the road.

    • Wow thank you. I get exactly what you're saying, thank you so much xx

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    • Haha, yea! This makes me think of Jess from "New Girl". Thanks for your help xx

    • You're welcome, just remember to have fun chatting to this guy, and you'll be fine ☺
      Thanks for MHO!!!

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  • Start with lighter topics maybe, take it slowly and make sure he is comfortable with your pace.


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