How do I know when to stop talking to a guy & how do I know he actually wants something serious with me?


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  • Why do you want to stop talking to him? Has he given you indication that he's bored or indifferent? If yes, then stop and don't waste your time.
    As for you knowing he actually wants something serious, you can never be able to tell even if he tells you directly.
    Sometimes people act like they are serious about you, but that doesn't mean their intentions are genuine.
    You should try observing how he behaves towards other people. Maybe that may give you more details about the person he is.

    • We have been talking for 2 months now and we have hungout three times... he's in the military so I totally understand and I'm okay with... he doesn't express much of his feelings... and he broke up with his long-term girl friend about 7months ago... they still talk or whatever wich I'm OK with it really does not bother me... but he did go out with her a few times and talks to her everyday while me and him have been talking... now, he says they are just friends... but on our first date... the first thing he talked about was his situation with her... and he did mention he loves her but does not want anything with her any longer. He's not interested in getting back with her... she has not yet told anyone they are not together anymore... she still acts as if they are... and he is totally okay with that and has not yet told anyone me and him are talking wich I'm guessing that's nothing bad because we are just talking right now... but I don't know how to take the fact that he talks to her everyday and has

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