He doesn't want family and friends to know he looked me?

I'm not dating this guy yet, but I can tell he tries to hide from the public that he liked me, he doesn't look at me in front of others, & I know he probably wouldn't want to tell parents, we see each other at church. ... He's 19, do you think that this is OK or does it show lack of maturity, I do understand him not wanting people to talk and stare they can be nosey. ..


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  • I think it's okay, maybe he just doesn't like to look at you when others are around, maybe he finds that embarrassing to himself.

  • I was in a similar situation. He probably doesn't want to date you while his family and friends know about it up hand. Like essentially it would be him dating you and your family and friends and you dating him and his family and friends. Like they are in on it too. He probably wants to at least date you without them knowing for a little while and then if y'all are at that point where y'all are truly in love y'all can bring in the family and friends.


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