Is my reply rude?

there is the conversation. He asked for meet up and said something that i consider is offensive. so i put it clear that i wouldn't go to his house whatsoever. He said i am strange but he doesn't mind. I asked why am i strange. He said because i treat him as a nasty not attractive mean man. My reply is that you are not nasty but attractive as long as you are not mean. is my reply rude or might disapoint him?


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  • Sounds like he's trying to be a player. You should move on.

    • I think so.. well at least now. thanks...

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  • It is fine.. .. but more important is what he said to you..


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  • It depends on what he said, which you found 'offensive'.

    • he said he was a charning and a good lovet so wanted to cook a dinner for me in his house.. i said cooking didn't mean good lover.. so he said i could try his loving skills after eating, which i think it was quite offensive.

    • Charming*

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