This may be a coincidence but my boyfriend only applies at stores in our local area that are more employees by women than men?

I finally spoke up and told my boyfriend after four years of me carrying his weight that he needs to get a job. On my income alone we have been in and out of debt, all while supporting him and his habits (video games and weed). He agreed to get a job in our local area which is made up of well over 50+ hiring employment opportunities. Yet, so far he has only grabbed 3 applications. One of which he can't work at because he doesn't turn 21 for a couple of months. The other two kind of get under my skin to say the least. One is PTs, which if you aren't familiar with, it is a strip club. He wants to apply as a bouncer. And the second on is a dunkin donuts that has no male employees except for the manager who runs the store. Is this his way of getting back at me for telling him to get a job? And yes, I do have trust issues. He speaks to more women online than I have spoken to in my entire life and in the beginning of our relationship he cheated on me. Trust issues have always been there. However I just find it fucked up that he is only willing to work in an environment that is made up of half naked women OR an entirely female ran business.


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  • why are you with him?
    I always say you have to collect data points in relationships to determine a value of a person as a partner so lets do the math
    -slacker stoner
    -no job
    -no ambition
    -the jobs he's looking at are not jobs adults should be pursuing
    -he cheats
    -he is chatting with girls on the net (and I'm sure it's all bible talk right?)

    this guy is no good. it doesn't matter that he is looking for jobs where mostly women are working it's clearly that he isn't worth your time. as long as you allow him to take advantage of you he will so you need to cut that parasite out of your life


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  • Though he sounds like such a winner you should walk away. Few things you are dating a loser. He is already probably cheering on you and just leaching off of you because you are allowing him to walk all over you.


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  • It sounds like because you are finally standing up for yourself and making him attempt to pull his own weight around, he is trying to be around more women so he can find another one to mooch off of.


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