Is he embarrassed if he wants to keep your relationship too private?

I have recently met someone at work, we met, we went on a date and he said he really liked me. I liked him too. He then said he doesn't want anyone from work to know because the place we work "rumours will go around" he said. He also says he wants to wait to wait till I am 17 till we go out officially. He says he thinks 16 going out with 20 year old is a bit weird. He is weary even though he told me he'd love me? He also goes on about how much he likes me and how much he likesy looks and figure. but he never wants to tell anyone from work that we're seeing? Is he embarrassed of me?
Does he really like me? Should I wait for when he's ready or Is he using me? I am so confused


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  • I think he doesn't want people to believe he's creepy/a rapist because you're so young. AND it IS better to keep relationships at work on the quiet side... can lead to sticky situations, dating at work.

  • It's illegal

    • How is it illegal? She's 16 he's 20?

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