I told this girl how I feel about her, but she won't tell me how she feels about me?

Making this super quick

Basically, this girl and I do cross country together. She brought up that the team thinks we're dating and then she also brought up that they asked her if she liked me. So at the time, i wasn't thinking and I asked her on the spot (my bad) if she liked me and she said ''well that's a little awkward you asking me that so no comment (at the same time kinda laughing)'' so later that day I texted her and blah blah and she said to me ''well how do you feel about me? ;)'' and i told her that i had feelings for her, but when i asked her what she felt towards me, she basically said ''you know what, i'm really tirreed. i think im gunna take a nap ;)'' and to this day she still won't tell me, lol. she even went as far to say that she didn't reply to her friends when they asked her, which is bullshit lol.

The next day I basically told her that you either don't wanna tell me cause you don't wanna hurt my feelings or you won't for obvious reasons and she replied with ''You'll never know :)'' and then i basically replied ''you give me a headache im going to take a nap.'' and then she said ''Aww im sorry'' and that was it.

So my question is... what on earth is she trying to do here? Does she like me? i have no idea.


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  • She does not know and doesn't want to tell you basically.


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  • Dude just continue with the friendship and don't mention it again. She's obviously not gonna tell you anything.


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  • She's an idiot. Demand for her to tell you.


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