Please Someone Answer! This Girl Playing Me? Should I Give into My Urge to Text Her?

There's this girl, Jess, she's a lesbian. I'm female and bi. Jess once asked me out over a text back in June but I turned her down since she's still getting over her breakup with her ex even though she denies it. Like she literally said 'do you have a boyfriend or gf? I don't like being single :(" Which felt a bit fake to me, why not ask me out because you 'like' me? -_-

Anyway, she texted me 2 weeks ago with a music recommendation, but we ended up having a mini argument about it -__- Then she asked me to go clubbing with her but I turned her down since it was late notice.

Then a few days later she texted me at 2:00am saying "good morning."
I texted her around 10am the night day saying, "morning night owl lol" And haven't heard from her since. She's VERY flaky and will sometimes bail on our plans, or ignore my texts.

I think she might be playing me, but I'm crushin on her and have an urge to text her again. What should I do?

Urge to text... rising...

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  • So text her. You don't have to get married right away!


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