Girls honestly would you?

I was 21 dating a 19 year old. She said she wanted to hold on sex since she was a "virgin". We dated for 8 months all pg-13 dates (dinner, movies, baseball games minus the sex). She soon left to college 3oo miles away and we cut ties. No we didn't stop talking we just stop seeing each other. A year later i get a call from her saying she's coming back home since she m She said she wants to go to a local college now. We setup a date and we hung out after so long. I know she's no angel so i wanted to ask just out of curiosity if she'd slept around without coming off strong. I asked if she dated anyone? she said "yes nothing serious". I being an honest guy i told her i was seeing a girl and that i had slept with her. She made a face. I then asked how far she got in the dates? and she wouldn't reply. I asked again. She covered her ears and started speed walking (pretending she can't hear). She kept doing that so i changed subjects. Later that night she decided she didn't want to see me again ever.

Now i'm stuck here thinking wtf just happened. That was our chance to throw it all on the table and then still had time to think about if we wanted it to work out or not but instead she pulled off a childish move. Do you think she did more then "nothing serious dates"? I think you girls would know because you know girls body language more then me and dude's here


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  • Well for one no offense but if I was your girlfriend I would have dumped you you are pushing to hard maybe she wants to be married before she sleeps with someone and if you can't wait till then well tough look if you really like her id back off of the subject of sex for a while before you loose her. maybe she is going to end up thinking all you want is sex and that will make her scared that if she sleeps with you you'll leave her


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