What is true love like?

I want to know because I have been dating my girlfriend for a couple years now, and the honeymoon phase has worn off. I can't tell if I'm actually in love with her though. We have an amazing relationship, but she feels more like a friend and not like a romantic partner. Plus I have a strong desire to be single for a while, date other girls, and chase my dream girl (which is the opposite of my girlfriend and I'm pretty sure that it's a bad idea). We aren't very intimate at all anymore and we rarely kiss now. We still have fun conversations though. I don't feel excited to see her anymore, and I don't really miss her when she's gone. It just feels... bland. like we're super comfortable with each other, but there is no romance. Is this what love is like after the innitial attraction wears off? Because it feels so boring and like it's not right. Plus my desires have been causing conflicting thoughts about what I should do.


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  • No one can describe in words what true love feels like or is, everyone has their own definition or way of feeling it. You will definitely know when it's true, but only you can tell. You just gotta feel it


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  • True love can't really be put into
    any fitting words..

    One could attempt "it's a friendship set on fire"
    or "it's sweet like nectar of the gods".

    But in truth, *love* is when you put
    another person, before yourself.

    What you wrote, that you're starting to feel nothing
    could suggest that your relationship isn't right..

    You may need a break from eachother.

    That, or try to plan a fun event like going
    to an amusement park, or something.


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