Guys, how long did it take you to tell your girlfriend that you love her?

when did you realize you loved her? did you treat her differently? what ways did you show her your love if you were afraid to tell her?


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  • I've always been afraid to say the words, and it would bother her, because she would tell me all the time. I'd show her all the time, all the traditional ways, but had a hard time with the words.

    • why is it so hard to say you love her? I think my boyfriend is like that.

    • I am not sure. I would say that my best guess, when I ask myself that question, is, barring the possibility that he is not sure if he 'loves' you, that it could be a fear of exposure, a fear of being vulnerable to the SO. Saying the words can take a guarding wall down and leave you exposed to getting hurt. Takes a lot of trust. It's like when you fall backwards and you are hoping your SO catches you before you hit the ground. Keep telling him you love him, but don't ask him to say the words (be understanding and supportive). He'll say them when the time is right (for him).

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  • Once I opened my fridge... I knew I wanted to put my babies (food) in her. Soooo instantaneously?


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