Single mom asked me to watch her son for a few hours.. now he's attached to me. I'm afraid for him if his mother and I don't work out, is this normal?

She had to work and couldn't find a sitter I had the day off and only known her for a few weeks of dating and begged me as a favor to watch her son. So I said alright so I've just sat around watching her son while we watched pre-season football, went to mac donalds est. It was fun like having a baby brother and he is like attached to me now.. keeps asking about me when am I coming over and spend time again. Maybe he misses his dad but I'm scared if his mother and I don't work out i'll end up braking his heart a second time. How do I deal with this?


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  • You should try telling his mother to talk to him or offer to do it with her.


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  • This is a "single mom tactic". She's using the connection to her son as an additional anchor to keep you attached to her, and secure a father for her child.

    Your options are, of course, to stick with her knowing this. Or leave before you're too far in.

    • i feel so bad for the kid though... he just wants... some one around a father... fuck this sucks

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    • lol meant to say the single guy in me

    • Exactly lol

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