We miss every opportunity to talk to each other?

This boy has been liking me for a while, I figure he's to shy to do anything based off the signs. I like him to & I'm also sjy, I have been trying to get opportunities to talk to him but it never works out

For example: . I dress cute plan to talk to him, he doesn't show up that day or leaves early.
. We try to find a way to talk to each other but it gets crowded and we can't and we end up going home.
. There's misunderstanding between us and we get mad at each other, move on, try again etc...

This has been going on for a whole year, I'm starting to become very irritated over the situation because he's to shy to talk to me publicly maybe because his family & friends is around , every time I expect to see him, I expect something to Change I expect it to be different but nothing changes.. Each day is a missed opportunity, if I go up and talk to him publicly he would probably dismiss it because he doesn't want people to start talking about us dating, we see each other nearly every other day, for a year.. live in same neighborhood, have similar friends, go to the same meetings yet we never have chance to talk alone so we can exchange numbers

What should I do about this situation? I feel if I move on, I might miss out on that one opportunity!


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  • you need o confront him... no more bull.


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