Is it bad I won't date someone with an unhealthy lifestyle?

I won't date a guy who smokes (including weed), drinks alcohol, eats unhealthy and a guy who is lazy. They must eat healthy, exercise and stay away from all drugs, including alcohol and tobacco. I would still date a guy who is overweight, as long as he was healthy (some people gain weight easier than others.) On the other hand, I know some FIT guys who live very unhealthy lifestyles and are lucky to have a high metabolism. It's the LIFESTYLE, not the looks. Does this make me bad? I'm not a hypocrite, I've never drank, smoke, done drugs, and I've been eating healthy since I was 15 years old (I'm a vegan.) I'm the healthiest person I know of.


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  • I don't think it's "bad" you won't date someone with an unhealthy lifestyle but I do think it's shallow. You do realize some people live a completely healthy lifestyle and STILL have health problems, right? For some people, it's entirely hereditary.

    You said you're completely healthy and that seems to be true from what you've said. But I'm sure you have habits considered "unhealthy" too.


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