First Date went well, but have mixed feelings after asking her out again?

I had dinner last night with an MMA Women's wrestler. This came about because I gave her a generous donation for her gofundme to be able to attend an event overseas. We started talking over Skype and really seemed to hit it off. Like, we have a lot in common, and we were very open and honest with each other. We have become very affectionate through text and online, but last night was the first date / meeting each other.

She's a very private person though, and this date was in her words something she never does, and I could tell she was being honest about it. It went very well, and I actually gave her a replica title belt as a first date gift that was thoughtful and creative while not lavish, and she came up to my room reluctantly for me to give it to her. She basically told me she has been burned before by people who seemed nice at first, and then exposed her personal life. She didn't want photos taken of her. But she said she trusts me and just wants time, and I basically told her the same thing in a note I left with the belt and then sent her off. I didn't push for sex or anything, just embraced her and said goodbye.

We both expressed how we enjoyed our date this morning, and she said she was really touched by my note. She said though that she will be preparing for the event over the next couple weeks so she would be training, promoting, a bunch of other stuff... and would be preoccupied with things, and that maybe she would come see me after it's done. Usually in normal circumstances, I would think "she can't be THAT busy to not have time to do something fun like this again!" and kind of worry maybe this is the start of her letting me down easily when she was just being polite for what I did for her, but also it's congruent with her not wanting to move too fast... I expressed my interest in her in my note and it didn't scare her away.

Should I worry? Or just respect her space, remain in contact, and ask her out again later?


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  • Hey, well I mean, be all have things to do but I think sports, competitions are the type of work that requires a lot of concentration (among many others) and I mean you said she even received donations so she needs to do a great job, people trusted her.

    I would agree with you about "Are you really too busy", that's an excuse but here I will give the benefit of doubt.


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  • Lol I'm curious. How generous was the donation. This would probably be a starting question.

    • She was looking to raise 2k. Had 1200 from various people. I gave her 800, and she said it was the most she'd ever been given.

    • That's really generous. I think you answered your own question and the best option at the moment seems like patience. Stay in contact with her and maybe she'll end up calling you up. I would give about three weeks before hitting it off with her again for a second date.

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