The whole concept of the "friendzone" sounds stupid?

(I'm using a guy and girl here, but the genders can also be swapped or they can both be the same. it's just easier explaining like this.)

okay, what I don't get about the friendzone is that we're supposed to be mad at this girl, because instead of going after a guy who "respects" her, she goes after a guy who doesn't appreciate and respect her. But at the same time we're supposed to be sad for this guy, because he is rejected and in love with a girl that doesn't appreciate and respect him.

Do people not realise how stupid you sound when you complain about the friendzone? You're basically saying that you're feelings are more important than the other's. You can't control who you fall in love with, but others can't either.

What is your opinion about this?


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  • It's becoming a bigger problem because more and more we are expecting the sexes to work together in a gender neutral way but it's always been around. Someone wants you and you don't want them but you want to still be friendly. I had this happen with women a lot, some got angry, most just got sad.


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  • You can be bum bed hat your crush only likes you as a friend, but what's wrong with being friends?


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  • Going after a guy that doesn't respect her is the problem


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