Boyfriend in prison might be cheating?

I got with my boyfriend in prison we have dated before when I was sending him money he was writing and calling from a cell phone in there and now that I haven't sent him money he don't call much or write much maybe one letter a month and maybe one call a month but I told him I was go to give up on everything and everybody he sent me a card tell me not to give up on him and he will be home soon and we can start our life together and he said things to me he never said before like he loves me wants me to be a part of his family and how special I am to him but I have a feel he might be writing one of his ex I ask him bout that he say no he not I need help cause I don't know what to think?


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  • My late mom had a boyfriend in prison and he would talk about this woman
    who was his sister and her name was Mary Lou and here this woman
    was really his wife and how i found out i was told this by moms friend
    who also had this boyfriend in jail too , so yes you gotta watch that prison romance
    i was sending money, cards to this one girl , until one day she wanted me to
    send the money in care of the name of her prison friend well i stopped cold
    turkey having all contact with her and sure fell out of romance with her

    • I haven't sent him money in month half but if he was write someone it would be his ex but I not sure if he would cause she a total slut she pregnant and don't know who the daddy is out of 3 men

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  • "Dating a guy in prison" lmao what
    Sounds like a great guy definitely worth pursuing and giving money to


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  • I would say heck no and just enjoy you. Go find another guy:)


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