Hello y'all I want to know what "shes REALLY saying?

Hey everyone there's a woman i went on 2 dates with and exchanged over 2000 messahes we're clicking pretty good. She says she limes me as a friend SO FAR. Is she saying she likes me more or trying to let me down lightly?


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  • I think she's saying that she's definitely not shutting out the possibility that there maybe more than friendship in the relationship. She probably wants to get to know you more as a friend before things get more serious. After all - the only relationships that really last are the ones that start as friendships. Hang in there

    • She's a shy girl, should I move in for a kiss on the 3rd or 4th date OH YEA she's 31 and STILL A VIRGIN!

    • I wouldn't go in for a kiss yet, if she's still a virgin then she's clearly prude, to put it blatantly, flirt and try to create a sexual tension but don't do any major touching yet because she may feel violated. Try and read her body language and definitely discuss things a little before they happen.

      If you're looking for anything less than a serious relationship she's probably the wrong girl unless you're willing to put in a lot of work!

    • No I want her for long term, I'm falling for her seriously, we tease back n forth so I think it's good, I DEFINITELY will not say the I love you AKA"1,4,3" code as im not there yet and that will totally FREAK her out LOL. So yes I want her for long term!

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  • Letting you down.

    If you're exchanging a lot of texts or talking a lot, but haven't made a move, odds are she doesn't see you romantically.


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