Im 26, is it a big deal that me and fam live together, me, mom, stepdad, grandma, little bro, little sis, everybody doing their part with bills but?

Its easier for me to save money and stack up, so i can get my own place at some point,... but in the meantime, this is whats going on... why do some females X a guy out based on if he has his own crib or not... Wtf..., but he has everything else,...


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  • It's totally normal to live in a multigenerational home after the recession. If there's someone who has a problem with that, then they clearly don't understand finances.


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  • Any woman worth having, will understand those circumstances.

    I live at home after I graduated college. It makes more sense for me to live at home, work, kick in money for the bills and groceries (especially since my household is my mom as the only parent, and 3 younger siblings, with mom recovering from a major surgery),

    and save up money to get my OWN place.


    Sure, I could have moved out by now, and live somewhere for cheap rent and bills in a 2 bedroom apartment with 2-3 CraigsList roommates,

    but I'm not doing that if I can live in a safe, comfortable environment and save up money more efficiently here AND help support my family at the same time (as well as spend time with my school-age bros who father is pretty much absent).

    • Any woman who finds that to be a bad thing... simply don't share my value system of being family-oriented.

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  • There used to be a time in this country when it was easy to find a good paying job right out of high school. There use to be a time in which you could live off of minimum wage.

    With a lot of corporations shipping jobs over seas so they can pay workers in third world countries slave wages and with minimum wage not be raised to match inflation those days are long gone.

  • Those are shallow/materialistic bitches which are not worth your time and money, there's plenty of decent women out there just need to find the good ones


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