If a nice guys value is helping others and is his strength, then what value does he have to a girl when nice doesn't attract women?

and please don't say anything along the lines of "nice guys are nice to get laid" because I have never in my life met a nice guy (me included) who thought nice was gonna get him laid. Rather we thought that nice would be reciprocated by a potential person who saw that we actually cared for people and the world, and that would make us attractive boyfriend material. Which obviously isn't the case. So what must a nice guy do to add value that will make him attractive?


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  • I think what most nice guys forget is to have confidence within themselves. Nice guys are definitely attractive boyfriend material, but from my experience, most nice guys that I have met are very shy and timid. I think it's cute, but I like guys who have a strong sense of who they are, are proud of it, and have the courage to ask a girl out because they know that they are worth the shot.

    • Thank you for your input, but I'm throwing a curveball here: my confidence comes from the fact that I'm a nice guy. That which makes me is nice, but nice doesn't attract. so that which makes my confidence isn't attractive, so my confidence takes a bullet. Take nice out the picture. Must a guy be more direct?, assertive? Like for example, a nice guy will want to go to movies, and will ask you what you want to see. But the attractive guy will just take you out and surprise you with a movie (whether you like that movie or not)

    • Hmmm very good question actually. Um... I cannot speak for the whole female population. However, I can say that I definitely find guys who are more assertive and direct to be more attractive. If we take nice out of the picture, I like guys who are spontaneous, adventurous, somewhat unconventional and intellectually interesting... someone with edge... or a unique personality.

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  • You have to be a "tender defender", i. e. kind to her, but also assertive verbally and physically. She has to feel that you're strong and able to protect her, but also that you're gentle.

    The problem about being "nice" is that we usually do it to seduce the woman, but most women would rather have a straight-up guy who is genuinely nice when appropriate, rather than when most horny/infatuated.

    This explains it better than me:


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  • If I knew that I wouldn't be asking questions on this site now would I?

  • Be exciting. She wants a sexy guy who will ram a cock into her pussy. Nice guys... don't do that.


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